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Compassionate, Affordable and Trusted

"April is an amazing person.  A joy to be around, she has a calm spirit that works well training high energy animals.  She just has that magic touch and my dogs bonded with her immediately.  I trust April to show me the compassionate way to engage my dogs and I saw a difference immediately.  I can't say enough good things about April and Shooting Star Pet Services." -- Michelle W.

"April and her family gave my aged and frail 15-year old dog, Monty, the warmest and kindest care in her home while I was away...  I'm grateful for the gentle care she provided for him and I rested easy knowing he was in such great hands."--Gina K.

About April

April Franz established Shooting Star Pet Services in 2010 to pursue her passion of helping people and pets live in harmonious, balanced relationships.  An animal lover her entire life and a firm believer that our interactions with the animals in our lives improves us emotionally, physically and spiritually, April brings deep compassion and understanding to her work.  She got her Certification to be a Dog Trainer in 2012, along with Veterinary Assistant Certificat and an advocate- trainer for TADSAW (Train-a-Dog Save-a-Warrior.)  

April has worked in the animal care, training since 2012. She has also worked in the veterinary field for 7 years and works with animals of all kinds, from dogs and cats to horses and exotics.  

She lives in Monticello, MN with her husband, two small two-legged kids, two canines and Philip "the C-A-T!"  

April's passions is over all holistic help from natural supplements  essential oils and good quality food.

Experience and Passion Make a Difference

"One of my greatest joys is seeing a client and their companion animal bond through healthy training.  I love the energy and excitement that comes from the "Ah ha!" learning moment.  Maybe it's a dog that everyone else has given up on, all I know is that with love, patience and trust anything is possible!" --April Franz, Owner 

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