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Rates​   ​

One-On-One Training


for 1 Hours

Basic Training

Advanced Training

Behavioral Problems

Issue Resolution

Reactivity training

Group Training


6 sessions

1 hour session for 6 weeks

Level One Obedience (Star puppy)

Level two obedience (CGC)

Level three Obedience ( CGCU)

Level four Obedience (CGCU

Nose Work


Therapy Dog Training

Services Dog Training

3 levels of Tricks

Boarding and Sitting


Per Day

Your home or ours!

$20 per each additional pet

Daily visits 1-3 times if in your home

Prices vary $20-50 per day. 

Free roaming unless no one is home.

Treated as one of our own!

May vary on distance (if going to your home)

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