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We Now Have Food!  Currently have 

Favorite Products

These are either products we carry or products you can click on the picture and it will take you to amazon so you can add it to your cart.  I am also an amazon associate so it will also give me a little credit if you click on the link.  

Happy Howies

Happy Howies is the treat I use for training.  It is a sausage looking soft meat that I call "doggie crack". The pickiest of dogs love it.  

It comes in 3 flavors and 3 sizes. 

Beef, Turkey, and Lamb.

7 oz, 12 oz, and 2 lb

Custom leash

I make custom leash for about $2 per foot.  I can add any extra clips or loops you want.  

4 leg organic treat

Non-GMO dog cookies made with 100% organic pumpkin puree with all natural and organic human grade ingredients

We are proud to be one of the first and leading Non-GMO Project Verified choices for your dog

Freshly baked natural treats made in the USA out of the highest quality wholesome ingredients

No salt, wheat, corn, animal byproducts, chemicals or artificial preservatives

Front Clip Harness

The front clip harnesses come in several colors and sizes and can help teach your dog not to pull.  It works with pressure points in the shoulders.  

Cranberry powder

This is a great supplement for urinary tract health.  


Nutri Source

We are starting to get some foods into our shop.  The first food we got was non other then a MN made food, Nutri Source. We currently carry both cat and dog Grain free options but can get others.  

Service Name

These are the buttons you can program so that you can have more of a conversation with the dog. (or cat)

Matching Goldens


We carry toys for all types of dogs but especailiy the dogs that are heavy chewers or very destructive.

What our customers are saying

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If there is something you are looking for please let us know and we can try and get it for you or carry for future use.  

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